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Maths Persentage Question PYQ Test No.3 for SSC

1. The profit earned by selling an article for 832 is equal to the loss incurred when the article is sold for Rs. 448. What will be the selling price of the article if it is sold at a 10% loss ? किसी वस्तु को ₹832 में बेचने पर अर्जित लाभ, उस वस्तु को ₹448 में बेचने पर हुई हानि के बराबर है। यदि वस्तु को 10% हानि पर बेचा … Read more

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25 Percentage Question of Maths A sold a mobile phone to B at a gain of 25% and B sold it to C at a loss of 10%. If C paid Rs. 5625 for it, how much did A pay ( in Rs.) for the phone A ने एक मोबाइल फोन B को 25% के लाभ पर बेचा ओर B ने इसे C को 10% की हानि पर बेच दिया। … Read more