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Arguments in Favour of Mandal Commission Report

Mandal Commission Report Other Backward Classes (OBC) The following arguments were given in favour of the Mandal Commission’s recommendations: 1. These fulfil the mandatory requirement of the Constitution (Articles 15, 16 and 46) of satisfying those sections of society who have been simmering with discontent for decades.  2. It is our moral and social duty to ensure that the oppressed and the suppressed people are at par with the affluent … Read more

Mandal Commission Report

The second backward class commission was established on 1 January 1979, with B.P. Manual as its chairperson. The commission submitted its report in December 1980, which included both Hindus and non-Hindus consisting of around 52 per cent of the total population. Mandal commission recommended 27 per cent reservation, as the Supreme Court (SC) had set the bar for reservation to not extend 50 per cent in any case. The recommendation … Read more